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"A Bright Student of the Law," and the beginnings of a promising career…

Even while in Law School at Texas Tech, Paul Enlow's professors recognized him as a solid young thinker who was able to fundamentally grasp the intricacies of Texas Law.

One story in particular highlights this fact.

The former Judge Enlow had always been known as an incisive and critical thinker. On one occasion at the Texas Tech School of Law, a young Paul Enlow has the 'audacity' to question several conclusions asserted in his post graduate textbook.

The former Judge hearing a case in the 141st.

This is an old story - one of the headstrong student, bent on righting every wrong and challenging every assertion, only to find in the end that the elder spoke truth and the "wrongs" not in need of righting.

In this instance, however, young Paul Enlow argued with conviction and the author of his textbook, a distinguished professor of law at Stanford University, gave way to his pursuit of the truth.

Young Enlow's argument won the day and his textbook was altered to reflect. His steadfastness benefited fellow students across the nation. In lauding Paul Enlow's courage and incisive thought, Professor Gerald Gunther, the man bested in joust this one time, wrote:  "In this age of excessively laid back game playing, Paul Enlow's zeal and enthusiasm are qualities for admiration"

And this set the stage for a promising career.

Career Highlights:

Presentation of the ceremonial gavel by Martha Stewart for Judge Enlow's investiture.

When first elected, Judge Enlow brought almost ten years of litigation and mediation experience in Tarrant County to the Court. His vast experience paid off for the citizens of Tarrant County.

In his eight years serving the people of Tarrant County on the bench, Judge Enlow has never been overridden by the Texas Supreme Court.

For his service, Texas State Senator Chris Harris appointed Judge Enlow as an Honorary Supreme Court Justice.

Professional History and Qualifications

• Born June 2, 1958
• Bachelor of Science Degree: Southwest Missouri State (1980)
• Law Degree: Texas Tech University School of Law (1984)
• Eight years as the District Judge of the 141st District Court
• Two years as an Assigned (Visiting) Judge for the State of Texas

Judge Enlow began his professional career as a teacher. He taught elementary through post-graduate levels before becoming a practicing attorney in Tarrant County.

The swearing in of Senator Chris Harris.

Judge Enlow was first elected to the bench in 1994 after defeating three fellow Republican candidates in the 1994 Primary and then challenging a Democrat incumbent in the General election.

Judge Enlow defeated his Democrat opponent and was then re-elected in 1998. Judge Enlow narrowly lost his second bid for re-election in 2002. Since then he has worked as an investor in the stock market, a visiting judge and as a mediator. He has now returned to the practice of law and is handling criminal, civil and family law cases.



If you have a case you would like him to handle, you may contact him at


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