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"Living Rules" for Poker

Good Morning.

Many law professors, and others who hold contempt for our Constitution, preach that the Constitution is a living document. Saying that the Constitution is a living document is the same as saying we don't have a Constitution. For rules to mean anything, they must be fixed. How many people would like to play me poker and have the rules be 'living'? Depending on 'evolving standards,' maybe my two pair could beat your flush." --Walter Williams


"When he refused to bow and grovel before the federal judiciary, [Judge Roy] Moore was suspended as Alabama's chief justice. In November 2003, he was tried before a judicial ethics panel. Moore's position was elegant in its simplicity: I took an oath to defend the Alabama Constitution, which acknowledges God as the foundation of our laws. Therefore, as the state's chief judicial officer, I am bound to affirm that truth, which I have done with my Ten Commandments statue. And, by the way, I'm not required to go along with the federal judiciary's convenient misinterpretations of the Constitution. Based on his intransigence here, Moore was removed from office. ...[W]e are in a constitutional crisis created by activist judges intent on mandating homosexual marriage (thereby deconstructing the American family), taking God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, abetting pornographers in flooding the country with filth, enshrining abortion-on-demand as the penultimate right, making Americans subject to foreign laws, and rewriting our history to transform America into one (secular) nation, under their heel. To save the Constitution and representative government will take a thousand Roy Moores, all echoing the words of Thomas Jefferson (author of our nation's founding document) 'To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions (is) a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.' It has." --Don Feder

Dear Friends:

I thought you might enjoy those two quotes! The first one especially emphasizes what we are facing this week as Judicial nominations are again at the forefront of politics. Yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of the nomination of former Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen. Filibustered for four years! It is time that our Republican elected officials brought this situation to an end and forced an up or down vote on her nomination. We need many, many conservative judges appointed to the bench to offset the years of constant movement to the left by the Democrat judges.

If we want our victories at the ballot box to truly mean anything, we have got to impact the federal judiciary while we've got the numbers in Congress. These judges have a tremendous impact on our culture. They negate our victories at the ballot box with their "Constitutional" rulings. It's not just a vote this week; it's what culture are we going to leave to our children and our grandchildren. "And that is what these judicial filibusters are all about – the radical Left doing everything it can to prevent the president you elected and the Senate majority you elected from appointing judges who share your values." (Gary Bauer)

And as Ann Coulter said last week:
"I am sublimely confident that normal Americans will not be shocked to learn that a Republican Senate plans to confirm the judicial nominees of a Republican president -- despite the objections of radical elements of a party that is the minority in the Senate, the minority in the House, the loser in the last two presidential races, the minority in state governorships, and the minority in all but a tiny number of very small but densely populated enclaves in this country that need to tax Rush Limbaugh, even though he lives in another state, just to keep all their little socialist programs afloat."

Please call your senators at (202) 224-3121 and urge them to stop the filibusters of judicial nominees. Even if you have called before, please call again! Those senators who support President Bush’s judicial nominees could use a positive word of encouragement too.

Judge Paul Enlow


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