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The Things That Matter Most

Rush Limbaugh says that Cal Thomas "writes with a passion born of confidence and the relentless pursuit of truth. His ability to think as an individual, coupled with his courage to articulate and promote his convictions, qualifies him as an excellent role model for anyone who seriously longs for truth and high ideals."

Cal Thomas has long been one of my role models and as Christmas approaches with all of our culture's distractions away from its true meaning, I find it only natural that we attempt to refocus on the real meaning of Christmas....God's gift of Christ to a lost world. We also find ourselves re-examining the things that matter most. Cal Thomas tells us in his book by the same name that these are the "things of the spirit, such as honor, selflessness, humility, service to others, self-control, fidelity, and virtue." He tells us that these things are important to those "who think that families do matter, that fidelity does count, that fighting for one's country is those who long for a sense of purpose more transcendent than collecting another paycheck."

Even though his book is not about Christmas, Cal helps us to identify some of the good subjects for meditation during the Christmas season for they stir within our breasts a longing for something more noble than ourselves, a desire to fulfill a God given or driven purpose with our lives. We find that Christmas is a time to apply some redirection to our lives...a time in which we yearn for a renewal of family, friends and faith.... in which we invest something of ourselves in the lives of others. As he tells us, "because we are three-dimensional beings, each dimension--body, mind, and spirit--must be fulfilled or we sense we are incomplete." And as we all know Christmas is such a wonderful time for spiritual renewal.

So during the next ten days leading up to Christmas, let me urge each of you to renew and fulfill each of your three dimensions, with emphasis on the spiritual.

Bless you all!

Judge Paul Enlow


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