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Family Values vs. Hollywood Values: Roger Williams' Style
Wed, 17 Nov 2004

Dear Friends:

Texas' new Secretary of State, our own Roger Williams, was the guest
speaker at a special meeting of the Republican Forum tonight. He
enthusiastically recounted campaign moments with the President leading up
to the election. His recitation of the campaign and its issues was
refreshing honest and accurate in its detail...right down to his statement
that he knew that Bush would win in Ohio. He is correct, he told me one
week before the election that Bush would win Ohio. (He also told me that
he'd be happy with a 300,000 vote margin!) Well, we might not have gotten
that margin, but we're quite happy with the one that we did get! It did,
after all, put us over the top on the necessary electoral college votes.

Roger stated that while various pollsters and campaign strategists
claimed that certain issues would determine the outcome of this election,
it was actually "family values" voters that swung the election for our
President. So when push came to shove, it was Family Values vs Hollywood
Values that was the central issue(s) of the election. And one of his
several quips near the end was especially poignant; that now it might once
again become popular to admit that one attends church, or even prays.
Thank goodness that America still has it in her!

Roger is a true statesman and wonderful to hear. His speaches are
always enthusiastic and encouraging. As mentioned, he is the new
Secretary of State for Texas and will be taking office in the near future.

Judge Paul Enlow


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