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Campaigning in Other States
28 Oct 2004

Dear Friends:

Just a note of encouragement to those who are considering going to
another state to help the Bush campaign! I have just spent a week in
Ohio working with the local party folks and have had a blast! We worked
on mailers, phones and even helped man the office as needed. The folks
here were wonderful! I've been in Portage County, in eastern Ohio.
This county runs about 65% to 35% Dem. to Rep. (So we are obviously
outnumbered!) There is only one county-wide Republican officeholder,
and strangely enough, his name is Enlow. Judge John Enlow. I got to
meet him, and sure enough, our discussion over the family tree merged.
So I met a relative that I didn't even know that I had. How cool is

I also got to spend a week with my children, as my son attends college
here in Ohio, and my daughter in PA. I spent some time in western PA,
and that area will be trouble for us. It is heavily Dem. The signs are
running better than 10 to 1 for Kerry. (There are a lot of union steel
workers there from the Youngstown, Ohio, factories). Many of whom are
out of work.

So, for those who are going. Go and have a blast working for our
President. For those who are thinking about it.
Go!!! You'll be so glad that you did!!!

For the rest, work hard here. It's going down to the wire!!!

Judge Paul Enlow


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