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Fight Well or Pay Well
July 25, 2005

Dear Friends:

As the fighting in Fallujah continues, we are reminded of another war two
hundred years ago and begun by the first country to declare war on the newly
established United States of America. No, not England. Tripoli.

(Anybody remember the Marines' Hymn? Something about the shores of

Tripoli declared war on the young American nation in 1801. Tripoli,
modern day Libya, had officially declared war on the U.S. as part of the
Barbary Powers Conflict, an otherwise undeclared war or series of fighting
that began shortly after the American Revolution and continued through the
Presidencies of Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison.

The Barbary Powers (Tunis, Morocco, Algiers, Tripoli and Turkey) were
regularly attacking and seizing undefended American merchant ships. The
Barbary Powers were not only keeping the cargos as booty, they were also
capturing and enslaving the American seamen. Numerous treaties were written
between the Americans and the Barbary States in an attempt to protect the
American shipping and sailors. Usually these treaties resulted in the young
American nation paying tribute (extortion) to the Barbary Powers. i.e.
$525,000 to Algiers to release captured American sailors, a "gift" warship
to Tripoli, a "gift" frigate to Algiers.

General William Eaton, America's Naval Agent to the Barbara States and
a major figure in the conflict, wrote to the new Sec. of State John Marshall
and informed him that for folks to be on good terms with these Powers, they
must either "fight well or pay well".

As events of the past two years have taught us, this truism is alive
and well today. If we are to peacefully co-exist with certain folks who
have no qualms about murdering innocent civilians, we truly must either
fight well or pay well. Thankfully we have a man of strong character in the
White House who fully understands what is required.

I would like to thank David Barton for the material in his book
ORIGINAL INTENT where I ran across the quote from General Eaton. (page 129
for those who may have a copy of it)

Remember to pray for our young men and women who are in harm's way.
Many of them are paying a high price for our protection.

With the holidays approaching, our servicemen and women will be facing
additional difficulties and so I'd encourage everyone to "adopt" a unit or
squadron, much like the Metroplex Republican Women and other clubs are
doing. (Mona, the calling cards are a great idea!) I know that when my son
was stationed in the Middle East and the Northeast Republican Club adopted
his unit, they were thrilled with the care packages sent by the club. So
remember to support them, because they need us as much as we need them.

Judge Paul Enlow


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