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Local Elections
May 3, 2005

Dear Friends:

Here we are in the last week of the local elections. Some of them have gotten somewhat heated.... In that regard, (and without any candidate in mind) I'd urge each candidate, and his/her supporters not to lose sight of what's most important. (and it's not just "winning"). Sure, winning is important....we ALL like to win....but it has its limits. Maintaining your integrity and conducting yourself in an honorable manner is of so much greater importance than winning will ever be. What is the value of winning if you do so at the loss of your integrity or morality? Are you really willing to pay such a price? And if so, what does that say about your character as a man or woman? Character is who you are when no one is looking....who you are in the dark. No campaign is ever worth sacrificing your character or your honor, no matter what you may be thinking in the final week! If I leave each of you with only one thought, it's that the only thing you control in a campaign is who you are. Never, EVER, lose sight of that. In politics, you have to have some idea of who you are, or you are lost.

I wish all of you success this week, whether in the polls or otherwise.

Be pure in your motives, Live Wisely, & Finish Well!

Judge Paul Enlow


"Whatever may be the judgement pronounced on the competency of the
architects of the Constitution, or whatever may be the destiny
of the edifice prepared by them, I feel it a duty to express my
profound and solemn conviction...that there never was an assembly
of men, charged with a great and arduous trust, who were more
pure in their motives, or more exclusively or anxiously devoted
to the object committed to them." --James Madison


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