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Judicial Nominations --The Road to Tyranny?
March 19, 2005


On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid held a press conference and threatened that if the Republicans voted to prevent the filibustering of judicial nominees, Reid and his colleagues would bring Senate business to a halt.

As a judge, let me tell you that this battle over the judicial nominees has virtually nothing to do with the environment, labor law, criminal law or civil rights. It's about the Democrats maintaining CONTROL of the federal judiciary...control for the purpose of continuing to push America's culture to the left.

As Gary Bauer has stated, "They will fight to the bitter end to make sure that judges who support the display of the Ten Commandments, side with the Boy Scouts, believe 'under God' should stay in the Pledge, find partial-birth abortion inhumane, and think marriage should remain the union of one man and one woman are not put on the courts, especially the United States Supreme Court."

In last fall's elections, conservatives strongly supported those candidates who advocated traditional values. Traditional values are winning election after election, but day by day they are losing the war. The common factor? The Courts. Even when Democrats lose at the ballot box, they still win in the courtroom. Republicans for far too long have failed to grasp what the Democrats already know. Whoever controls the appointments of judges dictates which way our culture goes. Decisions by non-elected judges impact every facet of our lives and our children's lives...beginning from the point of conception and whether they will live, to the time of our deaths (or who will 'pull the plug'). If you want to see where we'll be on that issue in about 15 years, look at the issues being debated by the Dutch. We tend to run about 15 years behind them.

To quote Gary Bauer again, "the bottom line is that we are rapidly losing the right to govern ourselves and to define our common values for ourselves. Militant activists are using the courts to usurp the authority of our elected legislatures in order to force their 'morality' on the overwhelming majority." The ACLU files approximately 5,000 lawsuits a year over issues such as prayer or Bibles in school, religious symbols on public property, religious (usually Christian) meetings in public buildings, nativity scenes and Christmas carols, and whether religious organizations can hire or fire based on their own religious beliefs. "Lining up with the ACLU are all the usual suspects - People for the (liberal) American Way, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the Atheist Law Center, etc." (G. Bauer).

It's the Federal Judges who have made all this possible. It only takes FIVE of the Justices on the Supreme Court
to rend the very fabric of American society. From that point on ALL the other judges in the U.S. are obligated to comply and rule likewise. (or run the risk of the same fate as Judge Moore). But the fact remains, our Judiciary is out of control. They regularly "alter the very foundation of law, based on nothing more substantial than the leftist philosophies they embrace".1 It is CRITICAL that conservative judges are appointed to off-set the liberals that have been allowed to assume the bench. It is even more so that only conservatives are appointed to the Supreme Court. And the only way we can get them appointed is to break the Democrats' filibustering of our appointees.

So Mr. Frist, Don't blink....In the words of one old naval warrior, "Damn the torpedos, Full speed ahead!!!" Call Mr. Reid's bluff...or beat him at his own game. It's time to rein in the out-of-control judiciary and bring it back to the original intent of our country's founders. For "a society in which the laws are subject to the whims of a few is a society that is on the road to tyranny".2

Then and only then can we hold our heads up and say, "We hold these truths to be self-evident....."

Judge Paul Enlow

(My footnotes are quotes from Christopher G. Adamo, in his March 3, article "Arlen Specter's Warped Sense of Proportion".)

If you want to hear more on this topic, I am speaking at the Ft. Worth Rep. Women's Club meeting listed below.


"One of the beautiful boasts of our municipal jurisprudence is that Christianity is a part of the Common Law....There never has
been a period in which the Common Law did not recognize Christianity as lying at its foundations....I verily believe Christianity
necessary to the support of civil society."
Justice Joseph Story,
United State Supreme Court Justice
Father of American Jurisprudence
Author: Commentaries on the Constitution of the U.S. (1833)

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